Our companies connect the world

Lyca began with our founder’s vision to ensure that no matter how far people venture, they can always connect with their family and friends around the world. He achieved this vision with the creation of Lyca Mobile in 2006, allowing people to share meaningful connections no matter the distance between them.

Since then, Lyca has diversified and thrived; establishing 16 businesses spanning telecommunications, media & entertainment, healthcare, travel, technology, financial services, marketing, and hospitality. Agile, daring, and consistently focused on customer-first experiences, every Lyca company espouses the values on which the group was first founded.

Our companies connect the world
Our companies connect the world
Logo Lyca Mobile


Lyca Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator offering mobile data, national calls and texts, and international calls across multiple continents.

Logo Lyca Insure

Financial Services

Lyca Insure is an insurance provider offering white-label products across motor, travel, life, and gadget insurance.

Logo Lyca Remit

Financial Services

Lyca Remit is an online money transfer service allowing customers to send money to friends and families across over 70 countries.

Logo Lyca Health


Lyca Health is a UK-based private medical service offering rapid diagnoses, walk-in GP services, personal care, and physiotherapy.

Logo Lyca Digital


Lyca Digital is a digital marketing agency offering a range of digital services across Europe, Australia, and the USA.

Logo Lyca Production

Media & Entertainment

Lyca Productions is a leading pan India entertainment company specialising in producing and distributing feature films in Tamil , Hindi , Telugu and other Indian languages.

Logo Lyca Radio

Media & Entertainment

Lyca Radio is a London based radio station on 1458AM & DAB, specialising in contemporary Bollywood, Bhangra, and Urban Asian music. Plus, celebrity interviews and the latest in entertainment gossip.

Logo Lyca Gold Radio

Media & Entertainment

Lyca Gold on 1035AM & DAB is the UK’s first and only retro Asian music station featuring Bollywood classics, along with Punjabi and Urdu music from yesteryears.

Logo Lyca Fly


Lyca Fly is a UK-based travel agency offering bespoke holiday solutions tailored to individual budgets and travel needs.

Logo Athvan News

Media & Entertainment

Athavan News is a UK-based new station dedicated to providing the global Tamil community with the latest, up-to-date news stories.

Logo Athvan Radio

Media & Entertainment

Athavan Radio is a UK-based infotainment digital radio station dedicated to offering the global Tamil community interesting programming, live news, and new music.

Logo Athvan TV

Media & Entertainment

Athavan TV is a UK-based 24-hour TV channel, offering the global Tamil community entertainment programming, soaps, new films, live news, and coverage of Tamil cultural events.

Logo Time Radio

Media & Entertainment

Time 107.5 is a UK-based radio station specialising in classic music from the 1960s to the present day.

Logo Bella Cosa


Bella Cosa is an authentic Italian restaurant overlooking London’s prestigious South Dock.

Logo Manjal


Manjal is a fine-dining restaurant specialising in authentic North and South India cuisine.



Docklands DC is a data centre strategically based in London Docklands providing over 23,000 square feet of net technical space.